Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Santa Clause.....

The Christmas Season these days is much different from the ones of the past. Take decorations for instance... I never imagined having to be so careful deciding what to put out/up based on the likelihood it will be eaten, demolished or cause bodily harm in any way shape or form. The (not so) annual village has been a definite “NO GO” for the last few years (which my mom saw first hand this year after a few gates were ripped from their hinges and placed where they were really meant to go in her bravely displayed village...sorry mom!). Everything from traditions and gathering all the way down to the actual gifts. This year I will proudly say that Ashton actually unwrapped his gifts with minimal assistance. Maybe we can work on the enthusiasm next year? Hehe

On to Santa....

This year was the first year that we braved a Santa visit. I will admit that I was a bit nervous. I hate putting him in situations that overwhelm him but also scenarios that give people more of an opportunity to say something idiotic or downright hateful. First hurdle, the dreaded waiting in line....CHECK, he did amazingly well with minimal resistance and vocalizations. When we got to the front of the line the elf briefed us and was trying to engage the children in conversation. Kayleigh played along pretty well. Ashton just hummed his usual one note tune and looked at the elf briefly as he took the sticker being offered, knowing it would become a later snack. It was then our turn with Santa. We gingerly walked up to Santa. I placed Kayleigh on Santa's lap. She was just going with the flow...”Hi Santa” Kayleigh squeaks. I look over at Ashton as Jon gently lead him up to Santa. “I don't know how he is going to do, Santa” I warn. “Oh he is fine! Sit him up here on Santa's lap” Poor Santa didn't know what he was in for if this encounter didn't go well. Sweet ignorance! However, as Jon placed Ashton on Santa's lap he looked up into Santa's face and said in the sweetest little Ashton voice ever....”OH, OH, OH” It wasn't quite Ho, Ho, Ho....BUT IT WILL DO!!!!!! Of course I freak out...Santa probably thought I lost my mind...”GOOD JOB BUDDY, THAT'S RIGHT...HO, HO, HO!!! SANTA SAYS HO, HO, HO!!! YAY ASHTON” I then backed up with tears pooling in my eyes just in time to get out of the way of the picture they were trying to snap. The photo turned out great, although I am a little be the judge!!!

Ahhhhh Christmas Time.....Different Not Less!!

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