Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friendship is Magic!

On Friday we said goodbye to Ashton's preschool teachers.  These six ladies are amazingly wonderful and have built such great rapport with Ashton that he has personally named each teacher after one of his very favorite cartoon characters.  

I think Jon may kill me for this, but Ashton adores My Little Ponies.  It is neat for me, as a mother, to watch my kids take the same joy in something that I did when I was their age.  Albeit, they look quite a bit more awesome now!

What is more age appropriate, then using your imagination to name your teachers your favorite cartoon characters?  This makes me so happy on so many levels!  He basically began calling his teachers by their new My Little Pony names and at first they were not sure what he was referring to until one of them made the connection.  On a side note, I do think they are all happy with the names that were chosen for them.  On his farewell poster, each teacher put their corresponding My Little Pony sticker on their picture.  It was a really cute gesture.  I am so grateful that Ashton got to work with such amazing ladies, we are really going to miss them (except Ms. Emily - we will see you in two weeks!). =)



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