Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grandparents Day!

My kids are so blessed to have such an awesome Grandma, this post is for my mom!  My mom is a superhero without a cape!  She does so much for everyone around her without expecting anything in return.   

Kayleigh is really developing a special relationship with her and it makes me so happy (most of the time). When she cries when it's time to come home, it makes me sad a little. ;)

Ashton also loves his grandma so much he is often found stalking her house on Google maps on his Ipad. Anytime we go anywhere he asks for "Grandma's House" so we usually have to prepare him in advance if that is not where we are going.  He will still get mad when we take a "wrong turn" (any turn that doesn't lead to her house).

Thank you, Mom for being the best Mom and Grandma my kids could ever hope for!

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