Saturday, June 16, 2012

Count Your Blessings!

Within the last several months we have found out that Ashton can read.  He is actually sounding some things out but has an awesome memory as well; once he learns a word it is in his memory bank for good.  The school sent me a video of him reading a book recently.  Keep in mind, Ashton being able to attend to a book page by page is a huge milestone in and of itself.  See for yourself...

Today I wrote out some flash cards with the first words that I thought of.  Some of the words were those I knew he knew, others were very random.  He did amazing.  My little guy is reading!  (I apologize for the loud woman in the I really sound that obnoxious?) 

On a side note of progress...Ashton has pooped on the potty two days in a row!!!  This is huge in and of itself and I am praying that we are finally on to something here.  We have been very blessed within the last 6 months in the potty department.  Kayleigh has become completely potty trained and is able to verbally request when she has to go which is HUGE!  Ashton goes all day long dry and pees on the potty on a schedule.  He is not quite able to request when he has to go, but we are working on that.  

However.....this "poop" progress is HUGE due to other underlying reasons, It has been my arch enemy lately.  Especially within the last two which I went through colonoscopy prep with him (YES, you read that correctly....that is an epic story alone) as well as a poop smearing art project (I will not bless you with a picture of this) on his bedroom wall only days after the colonoscopy prep madness.  So I am here to say that two days with no poop to clean up....I am practically in Heaven!! 

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